My Journey With Anxiety: Symptoms + How to Overcome

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to share more about my journey with anxiety and how I have learned to cope with it. First and foremost, while I have a Bachelors in Psychology I am not qualified to offer professional advice. If you want to hurt yourself or are experiencing physical pain please talk to somebody you trust and/or seek professional help as soon as possible.

I'm going to be talking about personal experiences that I believe are beneficial for everyone who feels like their anxiety is taking over their life.

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(photo credits: Descalza website)

Abigail (me): In the Descalza launch video you mention how you and your family migrated from El Salvador to the US an...

Abigail (me): The next question is how did the idea to start your own clothing line Descalza come about and what were the steps that you took to actua...

Abigail (me): What would you say are the rewards of owning your own clothing brand? 

Carolina Arias: There’s a couple of things; one is the physical si...

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