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Hello world! I want to start by sharing a little bit about myself. My name is Deina Abigail, I am 25 years old; I love God, art, education, food, photography, and traveling to name a few. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Psychology from NCSU ( go Wolfpack!) and I'm also a trained group facilitator. Throughout my work as as facilitator I have been able to help my community by leading conversations about important and tense topics such as diversity, race and discrimination. It has been extremely rewarding to be able to create spaces where people can be vulnerable and where people can heal by having positive interactions with one another. This is the reason why I decided to create this blog...

I want this blog to be a space where girls/women from all over the world, and in all stages in life, can come together to share, learn and grow in unity. I believe that it is very important for women everywhere to support and encourage one another. To be empowered into being their unique self and share their stories. This is a space where where we can be vulnerable and where we can open up about topics that are important to us.

I believe in sisterhood..I believe that we are diverse beautiful beings who walk different paths in life and grow at different paces, just like flowers. So let this be a garden where we can grow and bloom alongside each other, respecting each other's opinions and loving one another. Until next time!

Learn more about my work as a group facilitator: "Race: Are We So Different?" Cultural Conversations

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