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Interview Part 4: Angela as an entrepreneur; how to face challenges as a Woman

My next question is how would you define success? What makes a person successful?

Angela: I think that the definition of success has changed a lot over the years for sure. For me personally, success is when I can have a life that allows for all the things that are important to me to flourish. For example a life where I can have a team at work that is kicking ass. That I don't have to be there 24/7 but I can be there enough to continue to keep them accountable and inspired to do the work that they do. Also success for me is having the time to be with my kids, so I can be the mother that I want to be for them. That has been a difficult thing to kind of navigate because in the industry that I work the perception is that you work yourself 24/7 into the ground. And I've certainly known that and when I did it my life kind of like cracked. I don't do that anymore, I’m making enough where I don't have to do that anymore. I have shifted some of that energy that I was putting into the restaurant into family time.

Me: It’s interesting that you say that because a lot of times we see success as individualistic but the way that you describe it is more of a collective success. You see success in having an empowered group of people as your team and also in the quality time that you give to your family.

Angela: I think the reason is because I know that my purpose in life is not just to cook or run a business. I think that my purpose in life is to nurture. So I try to find ways to do that, I do it at the restaurant, I do it with my kids and in other areas. So in that way I can expand myself.