Hola amigos! I’m finally back from my Instagram break and I just want to say this…I ended up taking a much longer break than I originally intended (I was only going to take a week which turned into a month ooops) and BOY did I need it (but more on that later). Thank you so much for returning to my page and welcome back to the 2nd installment of my interview series “Conversations with Women”. Back...

(photo credits: Descalza website)

Abigail (me): In the Descalza launch video you mention how you and your family migrated from El Salvador to the US and the influence that it has had on your brand Descalza. In honor of June being Immigrant Heritage Month I wanted to ask you if you could please share a little bit about your background and how your ethnicity has played a role in your life? 

Caro: Yes...

Abigail (me): The next question is how did the idea to start your own clothing line Descalza come about and what were the steps that you took to actually make it happen?

Carolina Arias: After I graduated college in 2015 I had these textiles and the women from the Guatemala in my mind but I just didn’t know how I was going to go back to them. So here I am freshly out of college, and for everybody wh...

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